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NSDC Partnership - Non- Funded


Benefits of the NSDC Partnership 

  1. The good things about the NSDC Partnership are: Getting the grants Loan for innovation, skills for the 21st century, and technology-based training for the future
  2. Run the courses for financial support
  3. Value addition to your running courses
  4. Link your own courses that can help create jobs
  5. Get the first choice when it comes to training in many programmes
  6. Don't lose bids when an NSDC partnership is required.
  7. Give PMKVY and NSDC CSR schemes the most attention.
  8. Get eligible for school programmes under Samagra Shiksha
  9. Get direct exposure to SkillIndia LMS to manage admission, results, certification, and placement.

Helpline: - 18008892553

For more details, please contact us

Documents Required (Non- profit & Profit Organization)–

  1. Initial Documents Fee 25000/-, Other fees after submitting documents
  2. Organization Profile
  3. Organization Chart
  4. Company Registration Certificate, PAN, TAN, GST, ISO
  5. Other Document MSME, EPF, ESI, Trademark, STARTUP INDIA, etc.
  6. List of director/members with profit sharing
  7. CA certificate of Offices (Registered Office, Head Office, Regional Office, and Other State Office)
  8. CA Certificate of trained and placed candidates
  9. All the work orders and completion certificate
  10. Board Resolution
  11. Debt equity ratio Certificate
  12. Audited Balance sheet, Turnover, Net worth FY 2022-23
  13. CA Certificate of Net Worth of the organization as on 31st Mar 2023
  14. CA Certificate of Net Worth of director/members as on 31st Mar 2023
  15. Company Last 3 Year Turnover with CA Certificate & Balance sheet.
  16. Company Last 3 Year Training experiences with proof (Enrolled, Certified & Placed)

Ø  In the case of a Not-For-Profit entity, a minimum of 5,000 over a period of 3 years with placement assurance of 70%.

Ø  In the case of a For-Profit entity, a minimum of 2,000 over a period of 3 years with a placement commitment of 70%.

  1. Company stamp
  2. Company Latter head
  3. Authorized signatory signature
  4. Authorized Mail Id & Contact No.
  5. Directors/Mambers Aadhar card & Pan card
  6. Directors/Mambers Educational Qualification & Overall Experience (Resume)
  7. Higher Education proof of Director/Members
  8. Proof of Address: - Rent Agreement with E_Bill, Property Deed
  9. List of Operation Centre including area, captivity, present job roles, with photographs and rent agreements
  10. HR Letters of permanent employees and contract employees separately
  11. HR Letter of Present trainers with profile and TOT Certificates
  12. Board Resolution, Profile, Aadhaar, PAN of authorized signatory
  13. CV or Staff (All the HODs)

 Course List which you want Run to Run

S. No.

Course Title


Placement Linked/ Upskilling





 List of Trustees / Directors

Sr. No.



Educational Qualification

Overall Experience