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GST Registration and GST Filling

GST Return Income Tax Return (ITR)

GST Returns are a type of form that a taxpayer has to file. There are around 22 types of GST forms available. From these 22 GST forms, there are 11 that are active, 8 view-only and 3 suspended. So the number and type of GST you have to file is based on the type of taxpayer you have registered.  While you understand what GST returns are, it is also necessary to understand the type of taxpayers. There are 7 types of taxpayers. These are:

  1. Regular taxpayer
  2. Composition taxable persons
  3. TDS deductors
  4. Non-resident taxpayer
  5. Input Service Distributor
  6. Casual taxable persons
  7. E-commerce operators

It is also worth knowing that GST Returns are filed quarterly, monthly, or annually. So with this idea of what a GST return filing is, let’s get started on understanding the different types of GST returns.