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Certificate of Turnover/Net Worth/Experience

Certificate of Turnover/Net Worth/Experience-

Net worth

Net worth of an individual or an Enterprise is the total assets of the individual or Enterprise less total liabilities. Net worth thus gives a good indication of the total financial worth of a person at a point in time. Positive net worth that is growing year on year shows good financial health; conversely, a negative net worth or net worth decreasing year on year shows poor financial health. Net worth is used as an indicator of financial health in various processes.

Net worth certificate is a document that is compiled and certified usually by a Chartered Accountant taking into consideration all the assets and liabilities of the individual or Enterprise. Net worth Certificate maybe required as a part of an application for the decision maker to gauge the financial health of the applicant. Net worth certificate from a Chartered Accountant is commonly required as a part of visa application, bank loan application, franchisee application and more. Want to obtain a net worth certificate? An IndiaFilings Business Expert can help you obtain a Net Worth Certificate from a Chartered Accountant near you.

Certificate of Turnover

What information will be included in the turnover certificate?

The contents of the turnover certificate in India will depend on the requirements and the purpose for which the turnover certificate is being produced. A basic turnover certificate includes the following information:

  1. Name and details of the business entity
  2. Registration details
  3. Period for which the turnover is stated
  4. Purpose of the turnover certificate
  5. Details of the practicing professional
  6. UDIN
  7. Any other information as required.

What is the process to obtain a turnover certificate?

  1. The process to obtain a turnover certificate in India is very simple :
  2. Submit the documents as per the Checklist
  3. Documents are verified by the CA
  4. A Draft copy of the turnover certificate is shared
  5. Once the dsraft is approved a final certified copy is issued by the Chartered Accountant

Where is the turnover certificate required?

A turnover certificate is required by anybody willing to get an assurance on the turnover of the entity in speculation. Here are some cases where the turnover certificate might be required.

  • For participating in tenders issued by the various companies, local authorities, and also institutes.
  • It is also required in the banks and the financial institution for loan purposes.
  • Also required by investors to fund an existing or new project/business.

Who can issue a turnover certificate in India?

The turnover certificate in India is a certificate that provides an assurance certificate to the user about the turnover of a business entity. It is issued by a practicing Chartered Accountant who is specializing in issuing the turnover certificate.


Wondering what a work experience certificate is? The work experience certificate is a written document provided to an employee after completing their employment. This document proves the employee’s experience in the company or organization. It gives an insight into the earlier designation of an employee and their job role and related details. New employers or organizations may ask candidates to get this certificate and submit the same for assessment. They also use it to confirm the past employment period and designation. 

  1. Any work experience certificate format will tell you that the main components of the document include the following: 
  2. The date on which the letter was issued
  3. Name of the employee
  4. Designation, title, or job role
  5. Joining and last dates
  6. Work information with job role details
  7. Other related information
  8. Wishing successful future endeavours to the candidate
  9. Seal and signature of the organization/company

Work Experience Certificate Sample/Format

Company Letterhead

Work Experience Certificate



To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr/Ms (Employee Name) worked as (Designation) in our company from (Start Date) to (End Date).

During his/her tenure, we found him/her hardworking, sincere, and efficient. We wish him/her success in all her/his future endeavors.



CEO 123