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Certified TOT certified and NISBUD Trainer

Find the Certified TOT certified and NISBUD Trainer with us (SkillCouncils)

Are you able to locate trainers who have passed the TOT Certified and been approved by the sector skill council in accordance with NSQF standards? We are able to assist you in locating qualified trainers for the purposes of Tender submission, batch scheduling, and creation on the Skill India Portal and the State Skill Development Mission portal on any particular portal, such as NULM, Jal Jivan Mission, BOCW, etc.; for full centre accreditation and affiliation; and for hiring for online and offline training under PMKVY, PMKK, and other skill development schemes. Our database contains information on more than 80,000 different instructors. No matter what state you do business in, our services are available to you across the entirety of the nation.

We gave you access to a database of more than 150,000 distinct trainers and assessors based on their availabilities, and you provided assistance in finding qualified trainers for various skill development programmes, such as:
  1. Tender Submission: Providing trainers for initiatives related to skill development in tender submissions.
  2. Supporting the scheduling of training batches using batch processing.
  3. Assisting with the registration and enrolment of trainers in the necessary portals following the creation of the State Skill Development Mission Portal and the Skill India Portal
  4. Supporting centres in gaining complete accreditation and affiliation for skill training programmes is part of the centre accreditation and affiliation process.
  5. Recruitment of Trainers for Both Online and Offline Training Programmes: Facilitating the Hiring Process for Online and Offline Training
  6. Offering trainers for various government-sponsored skill development programmes is what PMKVY, PMKK, and other skill development programmes do.
You can work with us who are in charge of acquiring the trainers on time to interact with certified trainers who have obtained TOT certification and are accepted by SSCs. The SSCs are the organisations in charge of overseeing the TOT certification procedure and managing a list of qualified instructors. By collaborating with us, you can make sure that the trainers are up to the standards and specifications needed for skill development programmes.
Keep in mind that skill development is a dynamic sector in India, and many government efforts and plans may change over time. Maintaining constant connection with the various SSCs and governmental agencies is crucial for staying informed and ensuring adherence to the most recent norms and regulations.

 We have access to a database of trainers, which we may utilise to find prospective candidates who meet the necessary credentials and certifications. Before using a trainer's services, always check their credentials and experience to guarantee the greatest results for your skill development initiatives.