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Empanelment: SSCs, SSDMs and DSCs

Our role as a consulting company that specialises in partnerships with different skill development organisations in India would be to offer organisations seeking to partner and collaborate with the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), District Skill Committees (DSCs), State Skill Development Missions (SSDMs), and Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) like TSSC, ESSCI, CSDCI, NIELIT, and others professional advice and support. The following is a list of the main duties and services that the consulting company provided:

Understanding the Affiliation Process:

Inform customers about the procedure for joining various professional development organisations.

Describe the advantages of joining the NSDC, DSCs, SSDMs, and SSCs and how it supports their skill development objectives.

Evaluation of Eligibility:

Make a thorough evaluation of each client's suitability for affiliation based on their infrastructure, capabilities, and adherence to the necessary criteria.

Compliance and Documentation:

Assist clients in creating the necessary paperwork and ensuring adherence to the affiliation standards and regulations established by the appropriate skill development organisations.

Liaison and networking

Utilise our contacts and relationships to contact and communicate with organisations that promote skill development on behalf of Our clients.
Interactions and meetings between customers and the relevant authorities should be facilitated.

Support for Applications and Submissions:

Providing assistance to clients during the affiliation application process includes gathering required data, filling out forms, and submitting applications.

Supporting and Observing:

Throughout the affiliation process, give clients continual help and counsel on areas that could use improvement.
Follow up on the status of the applications and respond to any questions or demands made by skill development organisations.

Sector-specific Knowledge:

Ensure that clients are aligned with pertinent SSCs like TSSC, ESSCI, CSDCI, etc. by utilising your experience in particular sectors (such as telecom, electronics, construction, IT, etc.).

Support Following Affiliation:

After the affiliation has been approved, provide assistance with compliance management, quality control, and resolving any problems that could emerge throughout the affiliation time.

Capacity building and training:

Assist clients in acquiring the knowledge and abilities they need to successfully fulfil the affiliation requirements by offering training and capacity-building sessions.

The value proposition of our consulting company is to streamline and simplify the difficult process of joining numerous skill development organisations. By providing knowledgeable direction, we can assist our clients in forming alliances that increase their credibility, open doors for funding, and guarantee their involvement in skill-development programmes in line with societal and sectoral priorities.