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Our skill development solutions are appreciated. We look forward to your response and a successful relationship.
We offer:
  1. Bid, Tender, and Proposal Writing: We write winning bids, tenders, and proposals that satisfy all specifications to increase project and contract success.
  2. Skill Development bids: As a tender selection, documentation preparation, and compliance experts, we streamline the process and increase your chances of winning bids.
  3. Government Liaison: We can help you navigate bureaucratic processes, create effective government contacts, and get project clearances.
  4. Empanelment Support: We prioritise SSCs, SSDMs, and DSCs based on eligibility and scoring matrices.
  5. TOT-Certified Trainers: We can help you hire TOT-certified trainers who are Sector Skill Council-certified to improve your training programmes.
  6. We recruit, manage, and certification for TOT Certified, NIESBUD, FocTac, IELTS, and soft skills trainers.
  7. International and Domestic Placements: We match competent applicants with appropriate job openings domestically and abroad to provide a smooth transition to the workforce.
  8. Equipment for NSQF Job Roles: Well-equipped training centres are important. We can help you buy and install NSQF job role equipment to optimise your training facilities.


Our Framework

As company development consultants, we examine, analyse, and advise customers to understand their needs, uncover growth prospects, and make strategic recommendations. Step-by-step instructions:

  1. First Meeting: Meet with the customer to understand their business, goals, and difficulties.
  2. Data Gathering: Request financial accounts, market research, customer feedback, and operational analytics.
  3. SWOT Analysis: SWOT-analysis of the client's business.
  4. Market research: Market research helps you understand the industry, trends, and prospects.
  5. Financial Analysis: Assess the company's performance, profitability, and financial health using the client's financial data.
  6. Benchmarking: Compare the client's performance against industry standards.
  7. Find Chances: Analyse corporate growth, diversification, and expansion potential.
  8. Risk assessment: Identify client implementation risks and problems.
  9. Advice and Tips: Report your results, analysis, and strategic recommendations.
  10. Support and Follow-Up: After delivering your recommendations, address client queries and concerns.
  11. Measure and evaluate: Help the customer set KPIs to evaluate strategy success.
  12. Continuing Relationship:Client loyalty can lead to repeat business and referrals. Engage and provide additional services to help their success.

Some Good Causes


Some Good Causes

To become a leader in skill development globally by adhering to project design, documentation, and details project reports at the district and national levels for supporting sustainable livelihood through a blend of skill development, research and development, innovation, and adoption of cutting-edge technologies to reach the general public and promote the growth of the skilling sector.

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Helping Hand To Society

As a prerequisite for several livelihood tasks in India, we have developed a network of training centres that are both neatly maintained and well-equipped. In addition, you are free to use this priceless network in accordance with your preferences. In addition, the Training provider is able to register their training centres with us, and we are here to support you in working together with the Department of the Needed agencies and any other necessary agencies. The organisation in need of assistance might be able to cut back on their investments, efforts, manpower, and schedules. At long last, the centres could start operating again, and we could begin to build employment in our region.




Our Services


Business Development

For an emerging training provider, it is imp to have a knowledge & understanding of vocational education sector to achieve.


Dpr (Detailed Project Report)

It is essential to understand the requirement of every RFP, Tender, Application and provider exact & balanced information.


Team Hiring

Need based hiring is an Art to achieve the desired operational result of any skill development scheme.


Operational Handholding

Strategic planning is an essential component of the project execution. Yuvaan Skill Advisory plan, prepare and propound integrated.


Placement Linkages

Timely placement & retention is the key towards success. Yuvaan Skill Advisory connects training providers to placement provides.


Financial Services

Providing Advisory on Financial Planning, Budgeting, Merger & Acquisition, Valuation, Fund Raising and Business Planning.

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