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Importance and Benefits of Centre Accreditation and Affiliation

Any school's primary mission is to provide its students with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in their chosen fields through excellent teaching and cutting-edge resources. And acquiring "Accreditation" from reputable authorities like NBA/NAAC and others is the first step towards ensuring that institutions function in sync with the primary purpose. By mapping and evaluating the total institutional performance based on the programmes offered, accreditation aids in safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders, including students, professors, parents, and educators.

Let's break down the components of Centre Accreditation and Affiliation to learn its meaning, significance, and advantages.

What is Accreditation

For example, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) or the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) establishes guidelines and standards that educational institutions must follow to earn their accreditation. Institutional data must be accurate, courses must be designed with evaluations to evaluate and improve student performance, facilities must be state-of-the-art, etc., and the institution must pass a series of quality checks before it can open its doors to students.

If a school wants NBA approval, for instance, it has to follow the association's rules and regulations for how it runs. The institution will be granted accreditation if the programmes, critical institution information, data, and compliance reports pass muster with the NBA's evaluation committee.

The Value of Centre Accreditation and Affiliation

There is a set procedure that all institutions must follow to achieve Centre Accreditation and Affiliation. The typical stages involved in accrediting a course are as follows:

  • Review by Colleagues;
  • On-Site Evaluation;
  • Final Decision
Institutions must gather data from previous years and provide error-free compliance reports as part of the peer review process. If the reports come back positive, the institution will be eligible for a visit by the accreditation committee. Centre Accreditation and Affiliation is granted or denied based on the committee's investigation of the veracity of the report's claims and the accompanying evidence. Therefore, the accrediting process equips higher education institutions by assisting them in identifying weaknesses, developing strategies to address them, implementing them, and earning public trust. It gives schools the chance to plan their curriculum and move in the direction of constant development. Therefore, certification is crucial.

What role may Skill Councils play in assisting Institutions with the Management of Accreditation Data?

By allowing institutions to update the data needed for Centre Accreditation and Affiliation regularly, Skill Council ERP solutions are among the most reliable software educational institutions use to prepare for accreditation. It is also very helpful for both Affiliated and Autonomous institutions because it facilitates the creation of compliance-related reports.

The Value of an Approval Information Management System

  • Data privacy and secure data backup are guaranteed by role-based access granted to faculty members and other stakeholders.
  • It can accurately produce reports in the format required for accreditation
  • It alerts coordinators about the audit log and provides comprehensive insights into the process.


Skill Councils has established rigorous protocols for affiliating training partners to guarantee consistently high-quality training. These guidelines for Centre Accreditation and Affiliation were created in collaboration with NSDC, which requires the Training Partner to be affiliated with NSDC and the Training Centre to be accredited before any training may be provided. Skill Councils locate, evaluate, and accredit preexisting public or private training establishments in various regions to guarantee widespread delivery of NOS-compatible curriculum.