Benefits of Train the Trainer Courses for Organisations

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These days, businesses can take their pick from various training and education opportunities. Some companies provide time off for workers to attend Skill Council sessions over the weekend, while others fund employee attendance at such events. Companies also frequently use networking, mentorship from line managers, and job shadowing to help train new employees.

Offering either internal or external training, however, is a popular choice. In certain organisations, TOT Certified Trainers serve as instructors for in-house training courses. After all, instructors familiar with the company, its culture, and its workers are the best choice.

However, things can be challenging. Do these instructors have the necessary background knowledge, but do they have the ability to teach?

To what end does a company require Train the Trainer courses?

Internal trainers are instructed in course and workshop delivery through Train the Trainer programmes offered by Skill Councils with NSDC Partnership. These courses, taught by more seasoned educators, cover various topics, from instructional design to interpersonal proficiency. Infinite possibilities exist.

In addition, they learn the fundamentals of designing a seminar or workshop. Someone on staff may be an expert in the subject matter, but have they been shown how to structure a training session to maximise its effectiveness? Have they been instructed on how to organise the layout and content of a manual before they start sending it out to trainees?

Without prior training, a new trainer will likely be able to get as much out of the sessions and materials they create as they might if they had some idea of where they wanted to take the group.

Less time is wasted on unimportant material, and more can be accomplished in each session.

By using this route, businesses can rapidly assemble a team of TOT Certified Trainers, speeding up the pace at which training programmes can be implemented.

More individuals can be trained in much less time and at a much lower initial cost using the Train the Trainer methodology, thanks to its pyramidal effect.

Permanent Skills Transfer

In most cases, no further action is taken after a participant completes a training course at a Skill Council. Staff efforts to improve rarely bear fruit and must be repeated. Delegates revert to old ways of doing things if there is no plan to support and encourage these new abilities and habits. The whole purpose of training would be defeated in this way.

Investing in Skill Councils' Train the Trainer course guarantees that an in-house trainer can keep tabs on each delegate and help them perfect their new abilities until they become second nature.

Improved Employee Retention

An internal trainer is trained (among other things) how to be more flexible and imaginative, facilitate better information sharing, and inject some excitement into the otherwise dry subject matter. The increased morale of motivated workers who have gained these abilities effectively lowers turnover rates. Training workers in areas that increase their value to the organisation is a win-win for the company and the workers.


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